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Bird Information Twitter Sevice

The Bird Information Twitter Service is one of the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective ways of receiving instant bird news - both in the field or at home. The messages are exactly the same as those that go out on the pager, and they appear on Twitter at exactly the same time. The service can be received on Smartphones (through the free official Twitter app, which works equally well on Apple, Android or Blackberry systems) or a computer. Mobile phone use does require a connection to either 3G or Wifi to operate, but national coverage is now at least equal to the Pager and being extended all the time. The Twitter service is far quicker to load on 3G than any website subscription or app that is currently available for bird news on the market.

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Twitter for Android

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How does it work?

How does it work? Simply sign in to twitter with your own Twitter account, if you don't already have a Twitter account sign up for a free account at, alternatively if your unsure or don't have an email address contact us and we will do the setup for you. Request to follow any of the Twitter feeds below e.g. @birdmega (this would give you all breaking Megas), @birdnational (for all national news) and as many local feeds as you wish, this can be changed at anytime - all for one great price. Once you've subscribed we'll authorise the requested feeds and you'll immediately start receiving our tweets! SMS Alerts can be set up for each channel free of charge via the app, meaning instant notifications can be received for every breaking Mega or, if you wish, every piece of news.

Additionally you can subscribe to our Mega Alert service and get all the Mega's via SMS Direct from us, please contact us for more information about this service.

What Twitter feeds do I need to follow?

You have the option to follow or un-follow as many of the Bird Information Twiiter feeds as you like, and remember it doesn't cost you any more to follow more feeds and you can swap them about any time you wish.

As a minimum we suggest that you should at least follow @birdnational & @birdmega feeds, this will ensure you that you receive all uk news of mega, rare and scarce birds that are of national interest and all the breaking mega's. 

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